What is this?

Quarter Zone is an effort to unify and creatively present multiplayer leaderboard data for Tetris Effect: Connected. We track changes to multiplayer leaderboards and collect other stats about user performance, like Connected areas cleared, play time, and match counts.

The data and services made available on Quarter Zone are presented "as-is" without warranty of any kind, either express or limited. You are free to use the presented data, but please perform your own due-dilligence establishing its veracity.

How does this work?

Multiplayer leaderboard data is scraped, ingested into a database, and currently generated to flat HTML files daily at approximately 3 AM ET. Data collection began on November 17th, 2021. We also irregularly scrape single player leaderboards that we have access to and present those records on each user page. Due to platform restrictions, we are currently not able to scrape every platform for single player leaderboards, but we are working to achieve full coverage. The table below illustrates our access to single player leaderboards:

Scraped Platforms
System Single Player Multiplayer
Steam ✔️ ✔️
Epic Games ~ (AWS to 2022-06-30) ✔️
Xbox Live ~ (Access irregular) ✔️
PSN ✔️
NSO ✔️
Oculus ✔️

If you have specific knowledge about scraping platform leaderboards, please email us at webmaster AT quarter DOT zone.


Are you planning to add [x]?

Our current priorities are as follows, descending from highest priority:

For all other feature requests, please submit an issue on GitHub with a brief description. Please avoid creating duplicate issues and instead react on issues that match your request.

My SR / score / some other stat is wrong or outdated!

Keep in mind that we may not have scraped the freshest data yet. The Hall of Fame on the front page is maintained manually and updated roughly every month. If you notice an omission after it should have been included in the latest update, please submit an issue on GitHub with a brief description.


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Tremendous thanks goes out to Serpentrider for their efforts in making automated scraping a reality for this project.