EOS ID Extractor
Your EOS ID is:

About EOS (Epic Online Services) IDs

An EOS ID uniquely identifies your account when playing across multiplayer modes and is the main method by which Quarter Zone is able to extract leaderboard information and track user performance. Although we can't retrieve user data beyond the top 2000 from the public multiplayer leaderboards, EOS IDs are also stored in user save game files. Users can now then extract their EOS ID from their personal save file and provide it to Quarter Zone to have their performance tracked and included in our leaderboards.

Please note you must play at least one game of ranked multiplayer to have your EOS ID included in your save file.

Locating Your Save File

The save file should be roughly 50 KB in size and reflect your last play time. On PC, your backup save file is located at the following path depending on your platform:

NSO, PSN, and Xbox players: We are investigating the possibility of having save files extracted either through debug or homebrew.

Getting Tracked

To be tracked on Quarter Zone, please email webmaster AT quarter DOT zone with the following information: